Tuesday, 23 March 2010

exhibition proposal

Following this exhibition I wish to explore the possibility of turning a gallery space into a living digital studio.
A Rapid Prototyping Sculpture Space.
This involves bringing a cutting bed(or other CNC device), a 3D printer, a pen plotter(for drawing) and maybe a 3D projection cave or a 3D screen into a gallery space and embark on a process of creating brand new work in front of the visiting public.
I will make use of digital technology, ending up finished digital and non digital works.
The audience will appreciate work being created on screen and then, in the click of a mouse, becoming a real object. Maybe a drawing, maybe a sculpture.
This proposal stems from me being Artist in Residence in the Gallery Terre Rouge, Kulturefabrik, Luxembourg, where I turned the gallery into my studio and created new work in front of the visiting public. At that time my work was totally analogue.
I will be producing a short film of this residency in the near future. Please revisit this blog for details

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