Thursday, 29 July 2010

Second Section Almost Done

The second section was load strapped to compress it into the correct shape and then covered with pva glue that soaks in and 'freezes' the section.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Now im back doing my own sculpture after earning money away

Back to work on the Taxi. Almost completed the rear of one side of the taxi shell.
Im leaving the ends of the extrusions rough to maybe continue them or leave them as they are because they are dynamic.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Process of building the Dove of Peace fire drawing for the Tate Gallery in Liverpool

5.On fire at the climax of the show

1.Fusing the fire drawing

4.Steel dove armature with soaked paper rope mounted on our specially adapted pontoons.
Ready to be floated out into a dock next to the Tate in Liverpool

3.Section of wing of the steel dove armature with a few pieces of dry paper rope ready to be soaked in parrafin

2.Dove drawing scaled up on floor in workshop so that a steel armature can be manufactured from 12mm steel bar.

1.Dove working drawing on graph paper

Monday, 12 July 2010

Will be back working on this sculpture on the 19th July after The Tate Gallery project.

But in the meantime

This is where I am at.The plan is to put it in the West Of England Academy Show.


A bit more info about it

Festival in Liverpool

If it so happens you visit this blog and it seems nothing has happeded to the sculpture then let me explain.
It will be because I have to work on projects to pay the bills. At the moment I am working on a festival for the Tate Gallery Liverpool. I have been commissioned to design, build and install a series of floating fire drawings/sculptures in one of the docks for a festival of Picasso. The fire sculptures are inspired by some of Picassos portraits. Central to the instalation is a 30 feet x 16 feet fire drawing of a dove of peace.
A show produced and directed by Walk the Plank will happen on friday 16th and saturday 17th July. It will involve fire music performance and pyrotechnics and is free.